Jessica Eriksson is one of the few selected individuals worldwide that I have chosen to personally train in my specialised methods of coaching.

Jessica is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!

Denise Linn

Founder International Institute of Soul Coaching®, US

I’ve always known Jessica as a beautiful soul, really open to love. Having experienced her treatments I can attest to her ability to access spiritual dimensions to bring healing to the mind and soul. I think of Jessica as nothing less than a spiritual catalyst.

Muna Jawhary (PhD)


For the past year I’ve been having some very heavy issues regarding a colleague at work who’s been making my life very difficult, even to the point where it’s been affecting my sleep and my wellbeing had been destroyed. I became very weak, lost all my confidence in myself and my self belief had become non existent. I was at the lowest point in my life and decided to call on Jessica for cleansing and protection and to help me build up my strength and bring back my positive energy.

Jessica has totally and utterly turned everything around for me. During our session, I felt so safe and protected. Her healing abilities are incredible to the point where I no longer live in fear and feel stronger than ever. She even made me special protection spray which I take with me absolutely everywhere.

Jessica, you are a true healer and I’m so grateful to you for absolutely everything. You are a natural healer and I’m beyond grateful to have you in my life.

Emily Gayton


I have had various treatments from Jessica over the past 3 years. She has changed my life and the way I see it dramatically, and it has been a beautifully orchestrated process.

The flower essences that she uses are incredibly light which suits my energy vibration perfectly. She makes her own and uses those from other people who truly resonate with her and that of her clients. She even made some for me when 2 puppies joined our family! This helped with their settling in period and I noticed such a calmness from them and acceptance of their new situation. I have a spray which I am currently using which is an ‘air’ essence she made specifically for me – I spray it every day as I walk out of the door on the school run and I instantly am able to take a deep breath and feel very light.

Jessica did a soul regression for me and it was very gentle and very compelling. I must have transferred through 4 life-times, each very different however from each I have taken one important message which has stuck with me since. Jessica has a very strong yet soft approach – strength in her knowing and ability to do what she does, but soft in her compassion and empathy.

As a soul coach Jessica will always help you find your own answers, she won’t tell you what to do to make things ok, which can be frustrating at times!!! BUT she asks all the right questions and guides you forward with your answers so you truly are the controller of your outcome and the best one for you. It is very clever what she does and how she does it.

I have also contacted her for help when I have come in contact with people who have drained my energy. Or who I have let drain my energy as she so rightly puts it! She has used a feather to treat me remotely and it has been very effective as clearing their energy from me.

I sense from Jessica that she strongly believes that everything in life happens for a reason and there is a message for us in all the tough things we go through. She helps you to see that, works with it and potentially brings you to a much happier and lighter place. She is very funny too which helps when the going gets tough!!