My Services

Although I have trained in many different therapies, I have narrowed it down to the ones that now resonates with who I am and what I love doing.

I offer different treatments, but mostly tailor the treatment intuitively for my clients. To book for any of my treatments please contact me.

Soul Coaching®

ServicesSoul Coaching® is unlike any other type of coaching. It is a beautiful way to clear away mental, emotional and physical debris that has accumulated over this life and lifetimes before this one. By doing that you can discover and hear your own inner wisdom and your souls truth. It helps discover your life purpose so that you can live a life that supports your path.

I believe that we already have all the answers we need within us, but I will be your guide to help you find them again. We can do this through visualisations, soul journeys and oracle cards.

Past Life Regression


In past life regression we will go deep, way back to the past, into other dimensions. Through past life soul journeys you can go straight to the cause of a problem. We will be able to clear away the blockages from your past lives which are affecting your life today, such as fears, phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems and blockages in areas such as creativity and abundance.

Vibrational Essences


Vibrational Essences hold the energetic imprint of a flower, environment, animal or a gem. They are subtle tools to help with the release and healing of old energies that no longer serves you. They are so pure and gentle, yet they are able to assist healing on a cellular level.

I will be able to assist you with the essence that will be suitable for you; with the changes you are currently going through. I am also happy to make up an essence specifically for you and your environment.

Intuitive Energy Clearing



Through every relationship we have, we energetically connect to one another and with that we take on other peoples energy, not knowingly of course. The only energy that is healthy to have between two people is the energy of unconditional love.

Have you felt at times that you feel drained when you are around certain people? Or someone you haven’t seen in ages keeps popping into your head? That normally happens when we still have cords attached to that person.

By looking at your energy field I am able to clear away any energy that no longer serves you or energy that isn’t even yours.