About Jessica

Jessica Eriksson

About JessicaI grew up knowing and seeing that we live in a world more expansive and magical than what we are brought up to believe. As for so many people, my gifts got shut down as I reached my teenage years. Although I could no longer see energies I knew they were still very much real. It wasn’t until a major event in my 20’s that it all slowly started to come back to me and I started exploring everything spiritual.

I have trained in many holistic therapies through my years, but it wasn’t until I met my amazing vibrational essence teacher Shelley Sishton, that shifts really began to happen. She inspired me so much with her wise and inspirational teachings that I knew I also wanted to become a coach. I always hoped I would be able to work with the same kind of intuition and cut through the nonsense in the way she does. I have however learned that we all work differently and I have her to thank for that.

After searching for Life Coaching courses, I stumbled across Denise Linn and her life changing Soul Coaching® Professional Certification Program. I read her web page and it touched my soul so deeply that I knew I had to train with her to become a soul coach and past life therapist.  She is such an inspiration and I will be forever grateful for her authentic teachings.

I now know that I am here to help others find their life purpose and to see who they truly are. We all have so much more to offer than what we are raised to believe. We are all born with beautiful gifts within us that are ready to be remembered, so that we can live a fulfilled and happy life.